SAMPrefs - iPhone unlocker
SAMPrefs Updated PC Version to make it a lot easier to Unlock Your iPhone


How to Unlock Your Device

It’s very easy to unlock your iPhone using sam PC version

Just follow step by step

Step 1: Download SAMPrefs ( PC version ) here

Step 2Insert the SIM card that you want to use in your locked iPhone.

Step 3plugin in your iPhone

Step 4: Now open SAMPrefs you download he don’t need to install just open it

Step : Click on Utilities and then click on De-Activate iPhone (clear push) to De-activated iPhone 

and next click on Revert Lockdownd to Stock you will see a message box “ Stockification Success ” then click OK

Step : Now click on More information to confirme your ActivationState is Unactivated

Step : Next click on SAM and Uncheck Hactivate then Check Enabled

  • Choose Method By Country and Carrier
  • Choose the Country of your Original card SIM
  • Choose your Original Carrier that your iPhone is locked to
  • Choose your SIM ID

Step 5: Click on Utilities and then click on Attempt Activation under Activation Utilities.

That’s it, you will see the Activation message box telling you to “Activated”.

After a while, your iPhone will reboot and it should be successfully unlocked.

if you don’t understand just watch the video above